Turtle’s Paradise Ep. II.3

February 9, 2017

Wherein Tj and Chris argue about what the hell to call this big brick building, Suddenly Hill Gigas, and cue the Barry White music when the Princess gets a little frisky.

This week's beer: 307 Ale

Music credits:

Firion N Maria (Will Take You to the Rebels) [The Rebel Army] by PrototypeRaptor
Castellum Infernum [Castle Pandemonium] by Brandon Strader
Special Bonus Incidental music: Judgement-Funkadelic by Charles Ritz, David Peacock, DrumUltimA, Dutcher Snedeker, Fredrik Häthén, Marc Papeghin, Nuri Tett, sschafi1, and Thennecan.

Find (some of) these tracks on the Final Fantasy II: Rebellion album at OCRemix.org!


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